How do you organize a space party??

You planet!

If that made you giggle, then I can already tell you that we will work well together! I'm just a simple coffee lovin', corny joke tellin' kinda girl.

I love all things wedding. I'm obsessed with the tiniest of details, from the flowers to the beads and sparkles of your wedding dress. I'll probably tell you how spectacular you look every two minutes, so if you need a confidence booster- I'm also your girl for that!

My love for couples and weddings came out of nowhere. I originally went to school for criminal justice down in Pensacola, Florida and wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. My sophomore year of college, in 2016, a friend of mine gave me his old camera for FREE! At first, I would just take photos of my friends at the beach, and I'm going to be completely honest- they were so awful! LOL

Practice after practice, I felt super comfortable being around people and making people giggle. I did my very first wedding my junior year of college, and ever since then, I wanted to pursue wedding photography. 

So that brings me to where I am today! Officially licensed and insured and making couples laugh at my corny-ness four years later.

hi im lanie





my love

When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find hanging out with my best friend, also husband, Adrian.

He's been my biggest supporter of my career choice and has helped me in numerous ways. He's a digital marker, so you can probably guess who helps me with all of my marketing materials, website, and ads: you betcha- Adrian, LOL. 

We're the perfect duo for each other. We enjoy fun outdoor activities. One of our favorites is fishing! You can probably catch us at Lynnhaven Inlet if you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virgina. A close second favorite activity of ours is hiking. Our favorite hiking spot is Old Rag mountain, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

But our absolute favorite thing to do together, more than fishing and hiking is working and driving our cars! We both drive hatchbacks, and every weekend, we go out and drive for a good hour or two. 


Adrian and I have two kitties: Klaus & Mona, and one pupper, named Bean.

Here is a picture of Klaus and Bean, but unfortunately, Mona wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a photo of her. 

We love our fur babies so much! Do you have a fur baby? Send me a photo of yours!


meet the team

Meet my assistant photographer, Melissa, owner of Picture This Portraits. 

While Melissa is my assistant for weddings, I am her assistant for school and dance photography. Melissa has been doing school and dance photography for over forty years! She is packed full of knowledge and experience about all things pictures! 

While Adrian and I may be the perfect duo of lovebirds, Melissa and I are the dynamic duo of the photography world! 

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five star wedding photographers

Lanie did an amazing job taking our pictures. She is very fun, sweet, and knows what she is doing. Lanie even asked us about different poses we wanted to attempt and was open to suggestions. Lanie’s sweet and fun personality made everything very comfortable for us. After Lanie took our pictures, I’m just to hesitant to have anyone else do them. She is amazing!! 10/10 recommend choosing Lanie to capture your perfect moments. 

-Jada M.

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