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Engagement Session with Prompt Ideas at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Virginia.

Hey Again!

Thank you for checking out one of my blogs! I'd like to do something a little different and go over some prompts that I use to help couples not feel stiff and "too posed."

I know some couples do like the more posed-styled look, my style is more candid and catching that raw emotion between every couple.

So we're going to dive into the most recent engagement session that I did with Devon and Jordan. Below each photo I will give the prompt I used! Now a prompt isn't telling them how to pose! It is simply to make them interact with each other to get natural expressions and giggles.

Prompt: Hold hands and lean far away from each other and then pull each other in real close!

This prompt led to this photo with Jordan's hair looking windblown.

Here is that same prompt where they kissed after being pulled together!

Prompt: Imagine there's popcorn next to you and snuggle up together like you're about to watch a movie!

My favorite photo of the entire session! This prompt led to a more relaxed look. You can tell how content Devon look sitting next to Jordan.

Prompt: Look out over the lake and just enjoy each other's company.

For this photo, I was really just experimenting with angles and trying to get something different.

Prompt: Give Eskimo kisses!

Eskimo kisses are always a good prompt to use because you can always get cute photos like this one!

Prompt: For Devon- kiss your favorite part of her face except her lips!

This is also a cute and easy prompt for anyone to do!

Prompt: For Devon- In the sexiest voice you know how, whisper in her ear your favorite cereal.

It's usually the after effect of that cereal prompt that I love. The girl is always still laughing and her fiance is just looking at her like "I can't wait to hear that laugh forever."

Prompt: "Devon, you stand in the middle of the bridge, and Jordan, you go up against the side and run at him and throw up arms over his shoulders.

Now, this prompt obviously comes with multiple photos so here that are below!

I also got a close up!

A super cute and fun prompt!

Now this photo the couple requested because they saw this on another shoot I did! It's not really a prompt, but I will include it anyways! You can get a lot of different angles on this as well! Some close up on her face. Some of her ring close up and her face in the background.

Prompt: Lean your head back and let your hair fall and kick your foot out!

Prompt: Kiss!

Super simple, haha.

Prompt: Show me an excerpt of your first dance!

Awe, the giggles!

Prompt: Dip her and lean in for a kiss.

Prompt: Sniff her neck!

Haha, this one always make me laugh because they're so caught off guard by it!

A different angle of the "Sniff her neck" prompt.

Well, that was it! That was all the prompt I used for this engagement session. We did do a few posed photos as well, which I will attach below!

If you liked this idea of sharing prompt ideas, please let me know, and I will continue to post more blogs like this!

If you have recently got engaged- congratulations! If you'd love to have some engagement photos taken, please feel free to shoot me an email at

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