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Family Photo Shoot in Downtown Williamsburg, Virginia

I love every single photo of this family!

The kids personalities really shined!

They were all so musically talented. The son played his guitar while we were walking around the beautiful downtown area of Williamsburg. We stopped at every place we thought would be nice for some photos.

My favorite spot in the downtown area was this old wooden barn! The light just shined through the trees perfectly!

In all honesty, we got really lucky with a beautiful day! The Wade family woke up early to meet me in downtown Williamsbu rg in the AM! The grass was full of dew which made for a nice color green for the photos!

I loved the fact that they did every thing I asked, even the weird stuff like " Act grossed out when your parents kiss!" Even though they genuinely looked grossed out, LOL!

Downtown Williamsburg was full of great spots for photos. This is another one of my favorite spots we found. Just a pile of chopped wood! The chopped wood made for a neat texture for the photo.

Even just the simplest of paths made for a great photo! Got to have fun with the kids for a few pictures! They both play instruments. In fact, their son leaves for Berkeley School of Music in Massachusetts this month!

Even their dad played us a nice tune for a bit!

I also got to get creative with their daughter, who is literally such a natural model! She has beautiful big blue eyes that just shined at me!

I hope you enjoyed their gallery! If you loved these photos and are in need of some family photos for you and your loved ones, please shoot me an email at

Thank you for reading!



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