• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Family Photos at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Meet Maria and my new little buddy, Selah!

I always have fun on my family photo sessions, but this one is was extra sweet because little Selah was just looking at me and smiling the whole time. He was such a good child!

JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! Maria is lucky I didn't steal him because I was dang sure thinking about it!

We were originally supposed to do their session in the evening with a nice little sunset, but no. Virginia was absolutely not kind to us this day. It was pouring the day before and was scheduled to rain this day as well. We ended up bumping their session four hours before the original time due to rain that evening. Luckily, we were not rained out during this shoot, but it was so muggy and gray!

But Maria and Selah's photos turned out beautilful as ever.

I went with a very moody style for this shoot because I thought it was very fitting with desaturated greens because they were already so dark and leafy due to the rain.

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