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  • Writer's pictureLanie Quijano Garcia

First Birthday Photo Session in Williamsburg, Virginia

Happy first birthday to little Ms. Amelia!

Wow, am I excited to share this gallery with you all! This photo session almost didn't happen because of the virus that's been going around, but we were lucky to have done this first birthday session right before the stay-at-home order was initiated. Precautions were definitely taken before and during this photo session, seeing as little Amelia is only a year old.

All of the props that you see in these images were done by her mother! What a talented and crafty soul she is! She did a beautiful job on the hot air balloon! We set up an impromptu studio right in her living room.

Please enjoy her gallery and don't forget to check out the video at the end for an inside look at how I edited her gallery!



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