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Honoring Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor is your hype girl! You literally couldn't say "I do" without her!

She's been by your side through your whole wedding planning process and has shared a lot of the burden as well.

So how do you make her feel special on a day all about you and your boo?

Here are five ways you can honor your hype girl:

1. A special dress just for her

This is an up and coming trend that I am all for. If you have multiple colors in your wedding palette, then have your maid of honor stand out with one of those colors that is different from your other bridesmaid dresses. If you are having a more cohesive wedding palette, you could have her dress the same color as the others but simply styled differently. Both of these trends are perfect ways to have her stand out from the crowd.

2. Hand her a special gift

Even though it is expected for the bride and groom to present the wedding party with gifts to thank them at the rehearsal, you can pick out a special gift just for your maid of honor. Giving her a special gift will show her just how much her presence means to you. You know her better than I do, so your special gift can vary. But if she loves wine, present her with a vintage wine bottled in the year that you met. If you're having a wedding that is not local to her, suggest paying for her plane ticket and hotel costs. No matter what special gesture or gift you decide, I'm sure she will love it and feel so so special.

3. Give her a bigger bouquet

This goes along with with the different colored/styled wedding dress; however, this one is more subtle by giving her just a slightly bigger bouquet than your bridesmaids. You can even add a special bow or a different flower onto her bouquet.

4. Make a toast

If you want to make your maid of honor feel loved and slightly embarrassed at the same time, then dedicate a toast to her. Some good topics to incorporate into your speech are how you two met and why you chose her to be your maid of honor. Adding in some memories you've had together and that you're looking forward to making more memories together are also great things to add to form your toast.

5. Decorate her chair at the table

The same way you and your hubby will have signs and overly decorated chairs, you can do the same thing for your maid of honor, whether you're sitting with your bridal party at the reception or sitting at your own table.

There you have it! Five simple gestures to honor your maid of honor on your big day.

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