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How He Asked: Caitlin & Jared's Proposal Story

Cait and Jared have one of the cutest love stories I've seen in a while. They met eight years ago in Taipei on a mission's trip. They eventually had to go back to their normal lives and Cait went off to college in Pensacola, Florida (where she met me! haha) and Jared created a life for himself in Monroe, North Carolina. Their lives parted ways for some years, up until two years ago, they reconnected as friends. They reminisced about Taipei and it was uphill from there!

I mentioned before that Cait was a friend from college, but I didn't expect over the years that she would become a role model for me and someone that I look up to. She's been there for me on my rants and hard moments and has truly been a great friend to me. We were already talking about me and Adrian coming down to North Carolina to visit her and meet Jared, but then Covid sort of ruined those plans, until the governor of NC announced the reopening of NC. Jared took this perfect opportunity to message me and we devised a plan on their proposal without Cait ever knowing!

Cait is used to me always taking photos of her during college whenever we would go out. She was my guinea pig if you want to put it that way, lol. I would take my camera every where we went, and I'd practice new techniques on her while we were out and about, so bringing my camera when we strolling the town of Waxhaw didn't bring suspicion to her mind, thankfully!

While Jared and I were scheming about a plan, we had a few code sentences we would use if we felt the timing was perfect. If Jared found a place that he liked and thought was perfect to pop the question, he would say "Let's get one more photo right here," and then I'd position them in a way that had her back to him and slip him the ring box that I had in my camera bag. However, he told me if I found a setting where the lighting and background were just perfect to just position him and Cait and slip him the ring right then and there. So that's exactly what I did! We found this private, secluded pond where the light was just breath taking and really matched her yellow dress, haha!

The photos really speak for themselves, so I'll stop talking and let you see their day through my lens. Please enjoy their gallery! |



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