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How To Encourage Guests To Put Down Their Cell Phone During Your Ceremony

If I told you that I missed the entire cake cutting of the bride and groom because I couldn't get passed the horde of people taking photos with their cell phones, would you believe me? Well the truth is, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! (Luckily, I have something in my contract protecting me in case any thing like that happens.) But seriously, a bride and groom missed out on getting cake cutting photos from a professional photographer because their guests couldn't put down their cell phones. Because of issues like that, couples are wanting more and more to have an unplugged wedding, or at least, an unplugged wedding ceremony.

Which leads us to today's blog article! I'm going to give you some tips on how to encourage your guests to put down their cell phones and video cameras during your wedding ceremony. I want to talk about why this would benefit you as a couple instead of it benefiting me as a wedding photographer. These are YOUR photos, it is YOUR day, and your wedding guests should respect. You will not be printing out the photos that Aunt Linda took with her iPhone 11 and hanging it on your wall. When guests take photos with their cell phones or other devices, they really are only taking them for themselves.

1. Mention that you're having an unplugged wedding in your wedding invitations and on your wedding website.

Your wedding invitations should go out 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, and your wedding website even sooner than that. Your guests will more than likely visit your wedding website frequently for details and and your registry list, so they will no doubt read what you're wanting. This is a good and polite way of letting people know ahead of time.

2. Have your officiant make an announcement before starting your ceremony.

We did this at our wedding! Our officiant was very polite and straightforward, and for the most part, it worked! I am so thankful that there are no images of any of my guests holding up a cell phone or iPad in any of our wedding photos! Usually your wedding officiant will welcome guests before your ceremony starts, so that is a perfect place to mention keeping their phones in their pockets and on silent. It would also be good if the officiant practiced this at your rehearsal just to make sure they are sounding polite and kind.

3. Make a note in your wedding programs.

I've seen many weddings who don't have wedding programs, so this doesn't apply to every wedding. However, if you are including wedding programs, you can mention politely that you would rather see your guests faces rather than their devices.

4. Give them a limited photo opportunity.

Your officiant can give your guests one chance to take an image of you and your significant other up at the altar after your wedding photographer has taken the professional image. They can take as many images and even stand up in the middle of the aisle, if need be! After a short time, your wedding officiant can announce for every one to take their seats and keep their devices in their pockets for the remainder of the ceremony.

5. Have your ushers politely request a guest put their cell phone away.

If you are having ushers at your wedding, and one of them sees a guest on their cell phone, your usher can and should discretely tell that guest to put their phone away. This is just another way of verbal reinforcement to add.

Now that I've given some tips to the future bride and groom, I'd love to share some tips with people who are invited to a future wedding!

Always respect the couple's wishes, even if it's something you wouldn't do or agree with. This is their day, and they loved you enough to invite, so please be respectful. If you are sharing photos from the wedding or reception, always post flattering images of the wedding party and couple. They put a lot of time and money to look their best! Lastly, please be respectful to the wedding photographer! When it comes down to it, they hired a professional to take their photos, not you. This is their work space, please don't interrupt them as they are just doing their job.

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