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  • Writer's pictureLanie Quijano Garcia

How To Get Amazing Getting Ready Photos

Ever wondered how to get those Pinterest-worthy getting ready photos? Over the years, I've learned some tricks to get those dreamy photos every bride wants. Yes, I can do a lot with editing and in-camera settings, but getting these types of photos go beyond that. If getting ready photos are a priority to you, than check out these proactive tips to help you achieve these beautiful photos!

1. Pay Attention to Wall Colors

Wall colors play an important part in photos especially in the area where you are putting on your dress. I know it sounds a little crazy, but wall colors can sometimes be distracting in photos. You want people to notice the details in your dress, not the wallpaper behind you. Depending on the color of the walls- reds, browns, yellows, greens- these can all cast onto your skin making you look too orange or yellow. Neutrals and pastels are the colors you really want to go for when choosing your getting ready room.

2. The More Windows the Better

Windows bring in a lot of natural light that can light up your eyes and face better than a flash can. You'll get more true to color photos because there is no ambient light being cast onto your skin, which can make your skin look yellow-y. We don't want yellow skin- we want you to GLOW!

3. Keep Your Room Tidy!

There's nothing more frustrating than looking back at your photos and noticing an out of place water bottle or open chip bag. Select a designated room for everyone to keep their belongings in instead of setting their bags down anywhere. This will also help save time as your photographer doesn't have to rearrange furniture around. Instead, they focus on getting more photos of you!

4. Gather Your Details