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How To Hire A Photographer For Your Proposal Without Your Fiance Knowing What's Going On

Before we get to how to hire a photographer for your surprise proposal, we should first find out if you even should hire a photographer!

Each couple is different: one couple might want a more intimate and secluded proposal, while another couple might want a more engaging and public with family members and friends. Whichever couple you are, you can't deny that having a photographer to capture the surprise and love on your fiance's face is priceless.

If you're thinking about proposing to your special someone in the near future, reach out to a photographer early and share your vision with them! Not only should you reach out to a photographer early in the planning process, but you should also reach out to many photographers. Get a list of questions together and make sure that photographer is the right person to capture this once in a lifetime moment. Also, something that might be "duh" but also easily forget-able is make sure your photographer knows what you and your significant other look like! If your photographer is hiding in a bush, make sure they've seen a picture of you or met with you in person before doing your surprise proposal.

Here are some surprise proposal ideas that work for whichever type of couple you are!

1. Hide & Seek

This is for the couples who want to have a more intimate and closed-off proposal. You'll really have to nail down the setting and the time for this one to play out well!

2. Paparazzi Style

I've done this one before! This one plays into which location you choose, but let's say you're planning on proposing on the beach (that's where my husband proposed to me ♥️). Your photographer can act like they're a tourist or are taking photos of the water, but really they're taking photos of you!

3. Camouflaged Session

Schedule/book another type of session, for instance, a family session, a regular couples session, or a mini session if there's a holiday right around the corner. Let your photographer know in advance that you're planning on proposing and make it into a proposal session! Your significant other will surely be surprised and not expecting it.

Whichever type of surprise proposal you choose, make sure you take it slow. You definitely don't want to rush something so precious, and being rushed might make your significant other raise an eyebrow and second guess what's actually going on. Don't let your night end with your proposal. Keep the love and romance going by planning something to do after!

Your proposal is really the start of your story! It's where you start thinking a whole new way about life, about your partner, and about yourself. I hope this article has helped you with some ideas and things you were possibly struggling with about planning! Let me know how your partner popped the question in the comments below! |



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