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How To Prepare For Your Family Photo Shoot

Hey There! Thanks for joining in on today's blog!

I'd love to share some tips with you on how you can prepare your family for your upcoming photo session!

1. Pick a location or two!

Narrow down if you'd like to have your photos taken at a park or a beach! There's always other options, but those two are the most popular. Is there a place that is special to your family?

If you're having trouble deciding where to have your photos taken, consider my favorite family photo shoot locations!

2. Dress for the weather and location!

If you decide to take photos in the fall, a sun dress or tank top and shorts would look out of place. Consider your scenery as well. If you decide to take photos at a park with lots of greenery, neutral colors are great! Stay clear of bold colors and flashy patterns! They may be good for an urban looking location, though. If you're looking at a beach for photos, then I would suggest pastel or dark colors.

Make sure you're comfortable.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to wear, consult your photographer!

3. Don't be too matchy-matchy!

One time my husband and I were getting some couple photos taken, and he was wearing a maroon shirt with jeans and boots, and I was wearing a maroon sweater with jeans and boots, and it was weird. Now, I absolutely LOVE the photos, I just wish we had chosen complimentary colors instead of the exact same colors. For instance, I had a yellow shirt that would have been a perfect compliment for his maroon shirt! And it would have look so pretty with the fall colors.

Also, I'm just throwing this out here: DENIM IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR FALL PHOTOS! Actually, denim is perfect for any occasion! So consider denim, lol.

4. Make sure you eat something before hand!

I'm mostly speaking for your children. It's always easier to work with children who have a full tummy! They're almost always in a better mood and ready to give the photographer smiles and giggles.

This is especially important with children five years or younger.

5. Plan ahead!

This can tie into your wardrobe, but also think of a shot list to hand to your photographer. Create a Pinterest board with ideas of poses or locations. Think of any props that you'd like to have in your photos and consult with your photographer as they may have some!

Tell your children about your family photo session ahead of time. This will help your child not to be alarmed when your photographer approaches them telling them they're going to be taken photos.

Consider where your location will be and plan for traffic! You want to make sure you have time to get enough images out of your session.

6. Be silly with your kids!

You don't always have to be looking at the camera. Consider bringing something you all enjoy and that will make your children giggle like crazy, whether that's a soccer ball or bubbles- bring it! This will also help keep your kids engaged instead of getting bored.

Family photos are a great way to show your family's personality, so let it shine!

If you are bringing pets, bring treats or toys for them. Also, let your photographer know you are bringing your pet ahead of time.

7. Be prepared to have have a lot of fun!

I might be totally biased in thinking that I'm fun, but I just love having a good time with my clients!

I love giving prompts instead of poses. This helps me get a genuine smile and/or laugh out of you and your children! It keeps your photos from looking the same as everyone else's.

Warning: I will probably tell corny jokes.


Thank you for checking out this blog post! I hope this has been informative and helped you prepare for your next family photo session.

If you're interested in booking a family photo session with me, feel free to send me an email at !

I look forward to hearing from you!




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