• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Key Moments In Childhood When You Might Want To Consider Hiring A Photographer

The first thing we should talk about, before we get into which moments specifically are important to photograph, is why you should get these photos done professionally. While I believe this can go into all kinds of depths and conversations, I am going to try and keep it very simple just for the purpose of this blog post.

Professional images capture the most flattering angles, faces, and poses provided you have an experienced photographer.

Professional images have a higher print quality than an iPhone 11.

Professional images, and more importantly, a professional photographer will make you and your family feel relaxed and confident in yourself throughout the entire photo session.

Like I mentioned before, there are so many factors that play into each one of those statements, and there's obviously a second opinion about each; but for the sake of this specific blog article, those statements remain true.

So let's dive in to the key moments in childhood when you might want to consider hiring a photographer:

1. Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are a fantastic way where you can announce your pregnancy to friends and family, and more excitingly, find out if you're having a baby boy or a baby girl! Gender reveals can be super creative and fun for both you and your partner! Whether you are cutting into a cake, popping a balloon, or splattering each other with paint, be sure to capture the amazing moment on camera. Check out some cute DIY gender reveal ideas, but don't forget to add your own unique flare: !

2. Maternity Photos

When my parents were pregnant with my little brother and sister, maternity photos weren't really a thing, so why did maternity photos become popular, and why will you want to have your maternity stage photographed? My parents say the camera on a cell phone brought maternity photos into the light, would you agree? One article said that it was due to women becoming more comfortable with their bodies and maternity photos kind of started that movement.

I'd say both make sense to me! Now, why will you possibly want to have your pregnancy photographed? I've never been pregnant before, so I cannot relate as to why I would want to be photographed, so I asked my friends and dived into some articles (which are all cited at the bottom of this post)! Celebrate in the anticipation of your new arrival. You're only pregnant for a few months- be proud of that belly and show it off! Forgetting what it's like to be pregnant is apparently a thing! Obviously, I would have no clue, but apparently it is true. Having your photos taken during that time will bring back so many memories (and cravings possibly) on what it was like to carry your little one.

3. Birth Photography or Fresh 48 Photos

This is something very intimate and personal and definitely something that should celebrated. Having a birth photographer present with you, allows your partner to be fully invested in YOU and your coming child. There is one line that I absolutely loved reading in an article, and it said, "Perspective. Birthing mothers often focus inwardly. Birth photography allows you to see the birth as a whole and from a different perspective." I never really thought about this, but you know, I have to agree! Now, I do not specialize in birth photography of fresh 48's, but I'd love to refer you to someone who does, if you are seeking a photographer for that special occasion. Check out Lunini Photography, LLC!

4. Newborn Photography

What's the difference between Fresh 48 photos and newborn photos? Fresh 48 photos are taken while the baby is still at the hospital. This is as close to a birth session without actually being a birth session. Newborn sessions can either be done in a studio for a styled look or done outdoors for a lifestyle look. Newborn sessions are really done in celebration of a healthy birth and bringing your new child home. These photos are definitely keepsakes for generations, and plus, every one will want to see your baby!! Newborn photos are priceless gift to give to family members, especially family members that won't be able to see your new baby for quite some time.

5. Every Other Month After Birth Till The First Birthday

This is totally optional in my optional, in my opinion (well, really, they all are technically optional), seeing as a photo session every other month can get quite expensive! Photographers who specialize in newborn photos often have package bundles available for you to purchase if you desire to have this done. Just research local photographers who specialize in this field and check out their websites for bundles! Your child will undergo so many changes in just those few months, are those changes are worth documenting/photographing! This is a great idea for moms who love to scrapbook and will keep a baby book.

6. First Birthday Photos

This is definitely a milestone you want to get photographed! One whole year of life for your precious baby! One way of celebration is the growing trend of cake smash sessions. This is by far one of the most popular ways of photographing children's first birthdays. I have no explanation as to why they have become popular, but some say that they originated through the Mexican tradition called the Mordida, where the first birthday boy or girl takes the first bite of their cake inevitably having someone come from behind to smash their face in the cake!

7. Sweet Sixteen Photos

A sweet sixteen celebration is generally for young women at the age of, yes, sixteen. In many cultures, the sixteenth birthday of a young female is celebrate as her coming of age day. This is a time of extravagant parties at home or abroad or more intimate parties with family.

8. Senior Photos

You've seen your child grow from a little baby to an adult, where they're ready to start their life in the world. They're just gone through one of the most memorable parts of their life, high school, and are officially an adult. What better way to commemorate all that they've done than with a special photo session just for them? Senior photos are a great way for your senior to show their personality and own individual style through the photos. You can use senior photos for resume images, graduation announcements, and submit them to the school's yearbook! Take a look below to view past senior's that I've had the privilege of photographing:

I hope this blog has proven itself useful to you! Maybe you were on the fence about getting one of the above sessions done and now you're finally going to hope on board and book! Or maybe this article has just confirmed why you don't want to do a specific photography session.

What are some reasons you, personally, have wanted to do a specific session mentioned above? Tell me in the comments! | | | | | | | | | | |