• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Mid-Day Family Session at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, VA

Meet the dynamic duo couple and their son, Braylen!

They drove over forty-five minutes just to meet me at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, VA! I'd say the photos we captures were totally worth it though!

Justice and Q told me that they met each other while working out in the gym! It's that total couple goals?

While we were taking these photos of just Justice and Q, little Braylen was running around having a grand ole' time in the water!

He saw me turn to him with my camera, and this was the first pose his could think of!

Braylen also had a big announcement he wanted to make to the world:

Congratulations to this blessed family! I don't think Braylen can wait to meet his little sibling!

Thumbs up for them!

They're going to have so many more laughs and giggles through this exciting new journey.

Did you love these photos? Did you just have a new member join your family or are you expecting one? Let's get some images and document this exciting new change for you!

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