• Lanie Quijano Garcia

My Favorite Family Photo Shoot Locations

Hi there! Thank you for joining in on today's blog post!

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my favorite places to go for family photo shoots! These are ranked in no particular order.

1. Oak Grove Lake Park: Chesapeake, Virginia

Oak Grove Lake Park is a huge park great for exploring and getting a wide variety of different settings for your photos! Oak Grove is absolutely beautiful in the fall time. Someone give me a reason to go there and shoot in the fall!

2. Sandy Bottom Nature Park: Hampton, Virginia

Sandy Bottom Nature Park has a bridge that photographs so well. There are several walking paths to explore as well!

3. Downtown Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia

Downtown Williamsburg is full of historic buildings that offer great textures for images!

4. Monkey Bottom Park: Norfolk, Virginia

This park is full of crazy looking trees, but they make for the prettiest photos! If you get there at the right time, you'll get the sun shining between the branches. Parking is a bit confusing as you have to park across the street where the beach is.

5. Yorktown Beach: Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown Beach makes for very pretty photos because of the rocks that are available! You can also get photos with the bridge in the background, if you choose! On this particular family session, we saw dolphins!

6. Sandbridge Beach: Virginia Beach, Virginia

This spot is perfect for all your beach needs!

7. Norfolk Botanical Gardens: Norfolk, Virginia

The Botanical Gardens are perfect for a family who loves green! There's a beautiful fountain that families love to get photos in front of as well. If you're interested in having photos done at the Botanical Gardens, there is a fee unless you have a membership.

8. Elizabeth River Park: Chesapeake, Virginia

Whenever I go to this park, I get an urban vibe. There's just something about that bridge!

9. Red Wing Park: Virginia Beach, Virginia

This park is just beautiful! During the month of May, there are cherry blossoms that bloom. There's many walking paths and even a bridge that makes for such pretty photos!

10. Lion's Bridge: Newport News, Virginia

This spot is very versatile! There's a beach, there's a pretty bridge, and there's walking paths. Lion's Bridge is a great three-in-one for photos!

11. Messick Point in Poquoson, Virginia

Messick Point is one of the few beach locations where the sunset is behind the water instead of in front of it!

If you're interested in having your family photos taken, feel free to send me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you!

1. Oak Grove:

2. Sandy Bottom Nature Park:

3. Downtown Williamsburg:

4. Monkey Bottom Park:

5. Yorktown Beach:

6. Sandbridge Beach:

7. Norfolk Botanical Gardens:

8. Elizabeth River Bridge Park:

9. Red Wing Park:

10. Lion's Bridge:

11. Messick Point:




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