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Family Reunion Session at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks for visiting my very first blog post!

I never thought my English papers had a purpose until now.

Behind the Lens

This was by far the largest family photoshoot I've ever done!

But this family made it so easy for me.

Literally, I was a little intimidated by the numbers here, but despite my fears, the shoot was smooth sailing (get it... cause it's on the beach... okay). Good thing I'm a photographer and not a comedian.

So this family came from all over the east coast! Some members were from VA in Virginia Beach (actually, where this session was shot!), and others were from Atlanta, and parts of North Carolina.

As I said above, this session was in Virginia Beach, VA on Sandbridge Beach. You might not notice in the pictures, but it was P A C K E D ! Many people made their Labor Day weekend a relaxing one on the beach.

Behind the Computer

Okay, so now that you've seen a few of the photos, I'd like to get in to how I edited them.

What I usually do for each client is I will send them at least two different edits for each photo. Yes, that means they will have two of the exact photo just with a different look to it. Just in case they don't like one edit, maybe they will like the second one!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the session.

This little child was so precious.

I thought I got super lucky with this shot, and I was giving myself so much credit for it.... until I started editing it, and I noticed HE WAS CRYING! I felt so bad!

I especially love this one because of the father/daughter love you see.

Candid moments like this are what make a photo session special. Yes, the group posed pictures are important, but this... this is what photography is all about.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this picture.


About the editing: as you probably noticed, the original photos are pretty dark, but they have a nice purple tint to it. Personally, that is my favorite thing to get in an image!

So the first edit (not shown) I gave this client was just a brighter photo of the original (shown on right).

The second edit I did, I brought out more of the blue tones that most people associate with beach photos. I increased the exposure and shadows first to make the image not so dark. I played with the aqua tone hues and blue tone hues to cancel out the purple. I also illuminated the orange tones just a bit to make their skin brighter.

Thank you, everyone for reading my very first blog post!

At first, I felt super awkward writing it because I'm not a spectacular writer and have such a difficult time not feeling embarrassed about writing.

But, I mean, like I said before, good thing I'm a photographer and not a writer.

I'm just here to show off my beautiful clients!

So what did y'all think of the article?

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For real though, if you see any writing errors, please let me know! LOL

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