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  • Lanie Quijano Garcia

Rainy Day Engagement Session in Williamsburg, Virginia

Congratulations to Mike and Taylor on getting engaged in April! I am so excited to be sharing these photos because I just love them so much!

I know it is not entirely noticeable, but it was pouring rain. Like... POURING! We were all soaking wet. Taylor's parents were there with us, and they were holding umbrellas over my extra camera equipment lol. Don't worry, my equipment is totally fine: high-tech water resistant!

We did their engagement session at a private residency in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I really think this shoot was a dream come true for Taylor! She was beaming the entire time.

The awesome couple gets married May of 2020 in Williamsburg, Virginia. I also have the amazing privilege to be their wedding photographer!

I could not get enough photos of them kissing! I've never seen the Notebook, but I heard there's a scene where the people kiss in the rain? Am I right? Well, I like Mike & Taylor's version of the Notebook better!

Also, please just check out this gorgeous ring.

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