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Senior Portraits in Downtown Phoenix

I'll never actually tell him this, but my little brother is pretty dang cool.

Last year, my mom was really bummed that she didn't have anyone to take Nate's senior photos. His school had to have his photos for the yearbook before a certain date, and my husband and I don't usually visit Arizona until several months after that due date. My mom kept joking that she would have to take photos of him on her phone (I don't ever advise this, LOL), haha! Well, it just so happened that God made a way for me to surprise my mom for her birthday ❤ While I was in Arizona, I made sure to take time with Nate and give him senior photos that he'd love!

Nate absolutely loves the Phoenix Suns and the ASU Sun Devils, so we definitely had to make sure we incorporated those into his shoot. We went to the Phoenix Suns stadium and grabbed a few shots right in front of it. Would have been so cool if we were able to go inside on the court, but sadly, due to Covid, we couldn't. We had a really fun time running around Downtown Phoenix- literally running- like, we were sprinting to some areas 😅 it was so hard trying to keep up with a 17 year old boy, haha!

Please enjoy his gallery!



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