• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Summer Engagement Session in Yorktown, Virginia

I've been so excited to share these images with you! I absolutely LOVED this engagement session with Kelsey and Chisholm. Once you see these photos, you'll understand why! It was the country engagement session of every girl's dreams!

I don't know what it is about ring shots, but they're my absolute favorites.

I think it's because the ring says a lot about the couple. And I'm not talking about how big the diamond is you can tell the guy's wallet size, lol, but you can truly see the love in each ring! Each is slightly different different than all the others because of the thought and love behind the reason buying it.

You can even get just as creative with ring shots just as much as you can with the couples! Each photo of the ring can show the personality of the couple, and they don't even have to be in the photo! BUT LET'S SEE SOME PHOTOS WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!

Kelsey and Chisholm met up with me at the Yorktown Battlegrounds at, you guessed it, Yorktown, Virginia!

The Yorktown Battlefields offered a wide variety of options for backgrounds for the images. From the bridge, to this rustic fence, to big fields!

Kelsey and Chisholm have been together for a while now, and they are going to say "I do!" in 2020! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to photograph their wedding as well.

We're also thinking about doing another engagement session in the fall to get some fall vibes going on, so you'll have to stay tuned for that! But for now, please enjoy the rest of their summer engagement photos!

Did you love these photos? Did you recently get engaged and are in search of a wedding photographer? Are you located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia? THEN I'M YOUR GIRL! Shoot me an email, and let's get on the road to checking "Photographer" off of your checklist!




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