• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Sunflower Themed Church Wedding in Ocala, Florida

Congratulations to Kyle and Tessa, who were married on July 27th, 2019!

This was my very first wedding inside of a church, and let me tell you, I WAS SO NERVOUS! It is so different than an outdoor wedding. But in all honesty, I LOVED HOW THE PHOTOS TURNED OUT!

Tessa and Kyle met in college down in Pensacola, Florida. A while later Kyle proposed to Tessa their senior year- I saw their proposal video, so super sweet!

Their wedding was puzzle themed, which I thought was super unique. I've never seen anything like it before. Kyle bought Tessa a puzzle piece necklace one year for Christmas that said "We Just Fit." Here is some of their puzzle-themed decorations:

The photos they had framed were actually puzzles!

They even found a bride and groom puzzle piece cake topper!!!

How perfect, I still can't get over it! Also, that cake was probably the best cake I ever had. I had it for breakfast the next day too (weird flex, I know), still super yum. Tessa's aunt had made it for her. A little fun fact, her aunt works with seafood, and she still made a BOMB delicious cake!

One of my favorite things to do when shooting weddings, is to take photos of the guests when they're totally not paying attention to me, haha. It means so much to the couple to see their friends and family mingling and having fun at their wedding!

We were all worried that it was going to pour on Tessa's wedding day. Luckily, it just stayed overcast and no rain! We were able to go outside and take some bridal party and family photos!

One of my favorite things to do is have the men hold the bouquets! haha

Now the best part about every wedding, THE COUPLE'S PHOTOS!

I love capturing each couple's personality. Each couple is special and unique because they all share their love and passion differently.

Also, Tessa found her wedding dress at a Goodwill for only $25! Hand-beaded and everything.

Their wedding cake was super delicious. Like I'm not even kidding, probably the most moist cake ever. Sorry for the people that don't like the word "moist," LOL! But it was!

And now the couple is off to their honeymoon in Tampa!

Thanks for the memories, Kyle and Tessa!

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