• Lanie Quijano Garcia

Top Five Client Questions About My Family Photography Package

I've had a number of questions pop up throughout the year about my family packages, and I'd like to go over them in case you had any of these questions yourself!

So let's dive right in!

1. What is included with the family package?

This is the most common question I get when talking about my family packages. For $350, you get a one hour photo shoot with your family and loved ones, and eight various sized prints as well as all of the high resolution digital files! The eight various sized prints can range from wallet sizes to as large as 8x10! Any sizes larger than an 8x10 will have to be purchased separately.

2. When will I receive my digital images and prints?

Your digital images will be ready for you to download straight to your phone or computer in seven business day at the latest. If you have prints on the way, depending on how busy the lab is, your prints will arrive in seven to ten business days; however, my clients have never had images come later than seven days!

3. I have little children in my family. How do you go about keeping their attention?

Alright, so here is my big secret: I bring bubbles and stuffed animals! Bubbles are especially great at keeping young children and toddler's attention. Stuffed animals are great at keeping young babies and toddler's attention.

5. Why do your sessions cost so much?

To be quite frank, I am a professional photographer- licensed and insured. I can consistently deliver quality images for each client. You are paying for an easy process of booking, working together, and getting your images. With that being said, many things are factored into that cost that make it what it is. For instance, gas is included in the price for anywhere in the Hampton Roads area. Insurance is included in the cost in case anything were to happen to my equipment. Cost of equipment is included. Props are included in the pricing if a client would like a specific prop for me to bring along. Editing software and subscriptions are included. Monthly payments for my website are also factored in. Most importantly, taxes are included in the price! The state of Virginia requires photographers who are licensed to pay 22%! So, not all of the $350 goes directly to me!

I hope this article has cleared up any questions you may have had about my family photography package! Of course, if you have any other questions that I did not cover, please feel free to send me an email at!

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