• Lanie Quijano Garcia

What's In My Camera Bag

Let's dive into my camera bag so you can get an idea of what makes your photography session look so good!

My Camera:

I use a full frame, mirrorless camera: Sony A7ii. My absolute favorite lens that almost never leaves my camera body is my Sony 50mm 1.8. This lens creates beautiful blurred background and such sharpness on the subject. I also have a Sony 28-70mm that I also use for my A7ii. I often rent out other lenses for weddings to get a different experience! I have a Canon Rebel T6 as my backup camera, in case anything went wrong with my Sony on a shoot. I have two lenses for this camera as well: 18-55mm and a zoom 70-200mm.

My Flashes:

I have one Godox on-camera-flash for my Sony and one Bower on-camera-flash for my Canon. I have two flash diffusers, but often bounce my flash off of walls and ceilings.

My Accessories:

I am always equipped with four batteries and three battery chargers so that I will never run out of juice during your most important moment! I have four SD cards of all sizes so I won't run out of storage. I always shoot in RAW, which means all the pixels will be available in your image. More pixels in an image is fantastic for editing and printing.

I also have a tripod for shots that just need to be really still.

My Editing Software:

I edit with both Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom more than Photoshop, however. I only really use Photoshop to compress images for web upload and occasional blemish/spot removal. I deliver my galleries using Pixieset so you will have high resolution downloadable images, if purchased. I print my images and receive photo books through Miller's Lab: check out my blog about why prints are so important here! I send contracts and invoices through Honeybook which makes processing so much easier! I send out my subscription emails through Mailchimp. These subscriptions and payments are calculated into each session price.

If you have any additional questions about my equipment or would like to see a full client's gallery, please reach out to me at laniegarciaphoto@gmail.com

Lanie Garcia Photography | Virginia beach, VA |  laniegarciaphoto@gmail.com