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Why Prints Are So Important

I've asked myself this question quite a few times when I received my wedding photos. "Why do I need to pay more for prints when I have the digitals?" Or, "Why do I get prints and pay for digitals separately?" Today, I'd like to go over with you the important of having prints!

Let me tell you that I haven't looked at my own personal wedding photos in months due to them getting lost with a bunch of my other photos on my phone! I have over 3,000 images on my phone, and my wedding photos are way deep in there. I have to do a lot of scrolling just to find them! My wedding photos are so very special to me, I've decided to print a few of them just so they don't get lost with the many photos of my cats.

It's been well over a year since we've had our wedding, and I am just now deciding to get them printed, when in fact, I should have had them professionally printed from the start! Why is this? Because Prints Are NOT Dead!

Yes, it was really great to share my images on Facebook with my friends, but I also need to share them in my home. Same for you. Share your beautiful images in your home.

Just thinking about today's society and Polaroid cameras. My little sister last year asked for a Polaroid camera for Christmas, and do you know what I saw when I came home to visit my family almost a year later? I saw her room walls covered with her Polaroid photos, and some of those photos are ones she took at our wedding! Photos I didn't even know she took, and just seeing them on her wall was so emotional for me.

Digital files can be tricky. You may say "I can just print them myself." But if your photographer doesn't know any better, they may have exported your files incorrectly, then you lost out on important pixels because your file was compressed and not used to their full potential. Compressed files result in pixelated images when sharing and printing. Also, the way you save your digital images plays a big part in this as well. This is also why it's important to print with your photographer instead of doing it yourself!

My husband had a hard drive with our wedding photos on it and some other stuff. He used a whole terabyte worth of storage! Anyways, he had that hard drive for about three years, and now it won't even show up on our computers! It'll log in and then crash. We can't restore anything off of that hard drive. Luckily, I had our wedding photos stored some place else! Sometimes, having a hard drive or USB isn't always practical in the long run due to the fact that they can become broken or corrupted.

Utilize your images to their full potential instead of keeping them hidden in your phone or on a USB in a drawer!

Thank you for reading this blog post! I did a lot of research to back up the points I made in the post. The URL's are listed below for reference.

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